Dr. Chas Gaertner 

has been voted Best Chiropractor thirteen times in the Indy. He has received a Reader's Choice Award from the Chapel Hill Herald, and was awarded Best Chiropractor of 2022 by Chapel Hill Magazine. Dr. Gaertner opened NC Chiropractic in downtown Chapel Hill in 1995, and practiced there for twenty years before his move to a new location in downtown Carrboro in 2015. The office is located between Weaver Street Market and the Carrboro Farmers' Market. It's an easy walk in Carrboro, or a quick bike or bus ride from UNC or downtown Chapel Hill, and also has plenty of free parking. 

Dr. Gaertner offers convenient, flexible hours so you can make lunch or evening appointments, if needed, and he gives quality health care without a hassle or obligation to commit to any series of treatments. Dr. Gaertner's approach is unique in that he combines traditional chiropractic techniques with neuro-muscular trigger point therapy. He appeals to both newcomers and experienced chiropractic patients, who seek more personalized interaction in understanding their care and treatment plans. "From children to the elderly, with headaches, shoulder or leg pain, or injuries from work or auto accidents, everyone feels better with chiropractic. 

Dr Gaertner has become known for his practical treatment with pregnant women who seek a drugless approach for problems and general discomfort. Also, he is certified in the Webster Breech Protocol to aid in correcting a baby in breech position. "The most flattering compliment is the referrals from M.D.s, PTs, and midwives, as well as massage therapists and yoga instructors, a positive indication of the increased understanding of chiropractic benefits." Dr. Gaertner attributes his success to simplicity, a theme in both his business and personal life. Unburdened by receptionist, staff, or complex processing, you get the full attention of the doctor himself. His personal hand in every aspect of patient care, from scheduling to treatment, are what his patients have come to expect. Dr. Gaertner is easily available for patient emergencies, as he walks or bikes to and from work each day from his family's modest home just a few blocks away. He enjoys an exceptionally happy life in Carrboro with his wife Elaine and two children, Greta and Van.

Closest chiropractor to UNC campus and downtown Chapel Hill!