Have you had an auto accident?

Dr. Gaertner is happy to treat the numerous injuries resulting from auto accidents. Whether the accident is your fault or caused by another driver, you should call to consult with Dr. Gaertner to see how he can help you. He can bill the auto insurance company of the car at fault, or bill through your attorney if you choose to consult with one. This service spares the patient the additional stress of having to pay for care at the time of service. It allows you to focus on healing from your injuries at a time when you may not be able to work.

While some injuries are felt immediately after an accident, others may be slower to surface, sometimes taking days or weeks. Don't wait! It is best to have your injuries checked and documented ASAP.


Common auto accident injury complaints
Neck & back pain
Decreased range of motion / mobility
Arm / hand and leg pain
Brain fog
Difficulty sleeping

Checklist of what to do if you are in an accident

  • Call 911 and when police arrive, insist they file an accident report
  • Call your insurance company, report the accident, and file a claim
  • If the police ask if you want an ambulance, don't say no! When the ambulance arrives, let them examine you and, only then, decide if you want them to transport you to the hospital.

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