Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Dr. Chas Gaertner has been gaining a popular reputation with midwives and pregnant women as a sensitive and competent practitioner. Among his many satisfied patients are birthing instructors, labor and delivery nurses, nurse practitioners, midwives, doulas and pediatricians.

Among the reasons for chiropractic care during pregnancy are:

  • To have a healthy and comfortable pregnancy
  • To reduce lower back, glute, leg, pubic and groin pain
  • To stabilize the uterus and associated ligaments, aiding in a favorable labor and subsequent delivery
  • To aid in correcting breech position - Dr. Gaertner is certified in Webster Breech Protocol by Dr. Carol Phillips, D.C.
  • To pamper and prepare for a safer, more comfortable birth for you and your child

Pregnancy Testimonials

“As a body worker and Child Birth Educator, I received prenatal care from Chas (per Deb O’Connell of Carrboro Midwifery) for my hip issues as well as for my breached baby, which he successfully helped turn via Websters Technique. I continue to go to him for myself, postnatal, as well as refer my own community to him.” ~Satya Tara Streib
“When choosing a chiropractor, it was very important for me to find someone who would really listen as well as inform me with their optimum wellness knowledge. It was also important to me for our chiropractor to provide a comfortable space for my children, respect and listen to their needs, and move at their pace. Dr. Gaertner has gone above and beyond my expectations. My children and I enjoy getting adjusted by Dr. Chas. He really makes them feel safe and makes eye contact with them, which really means a lot to me. Not many doctors do that. I always recommend him to anyone who asks. I am grateful to have him as our chiropractor.” ~Natalie, mother of three and childbirth educator
“Dr. Chas has been adjusting me for more than six years and you couldn’t pay me to go anywhere else. When I first crossed the threshold of NC Chiropractic, I had very little experience with chiropractic, but was soon loving my visits. Dr. Chas has been my chiropractor through two pregnancies (from beginning to end) and I completely trust him to deal with my family’s chiropractic needs, from regular adjustments to illness to prenatal chiropractic. The regular adjustments have not only cut back on the occurrence of my severe chronic migraines, but have also facilitated a growing friendship with Chas and a respect for the man as well as the doctor. I look forward to my visits every month.” ~Devon Trevarrow Flaherty
“At the recommendation of my midwives, I came to Dr. Gaertner over the course of my first pregnancy, from around 15 weeks to 30-some weeks, primarily to address sciatic nerve pain. He helped relieve the sciatic nerve pain I’d have from time to time with gentle adjustments and focused massage. I liked how he always explained very clearly what he was doing, asked if I was feeling OK throughout the visit, and never rushed our visits. I had very little sciatic nerve and back pain in the third trimester thanks to these visits!” ~Kristen Stolka
“Dear Dr. Chas Gaertner, My husband and I would like to extend our deepest appreciation for your services and support. As you know, I was expecting a child this August and attempting a vaginal delivery after C-section and was sad to learn that I was in breech position. UNC Midwives recommended you and after our meeting, not only was the baby turned, my mobility was much improved. I had not shared how painful my walking was on our original appointment as my sole purpose was to correct the child’s positioning. I also did not attribute my discomfort to anything else but pregnancy in the third trimester. I have been able to function so much better during my ninth month and I wanted you to know how thankful I am to you. This has allowed me to continue working my night shifts which involves labor and lots of walking.” ~Jeanine, Steven, Thomas and Baby Gangloff

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