“Dr. Chas’ business card is the only one I keep in my wallet and routinely hand out to people. I have been that stick person on his card… walking in all bent over, and then leaving with a skip in my step, back to normal.” ~Heather Walker
“Dr. Gaertner has eliminated any skeptism I had prior to seeking Chiropractic care. I had seen several different health professionals for a variety of issues I was having. I was constantly dealing with pain that could not be resolved, which was keeping me from the activities I enjoy. Now that I am receiving treatment from Chas I am pain-free, my posture is better, and my range of motion is better as well. As a regular client I can honestly say that Chas is a trustworthy, genuine health care professional who truly cares about helping people. He is efficient with his time, accessible, and extremely knowledgeable.” ~Tricia Wildman, Personal Trainer, Bodyworks Fitness Club, Hillsborough
“Dr. Gaertner has been a superb practitioner. His integration of deep tissue massage with skilled chiropractic adjustments makes staying in perfect spinal alignment a breeze to me.” ~Cholena Erickson, Acupuncturist
“Working with Dr. Gaertner has been integral to my own self-care. His sensitivity and accuracy are keys to my continued well-being.” ~Richard Klecka, LMBT
“Dr. Gaertner is a great adjuster. He always ‘gets it’ and it feels great!” ~Mark Flayton, Advertising Director
“Not only did Chas deliver long-lasting relief from my back pain in only a couple of visits, he also gave me tools to help prevent reoccurrence and sustain that relief. Almost as important to me, Chas explained the science behind his techniques which helped to demystify chiropractic, in general.” ~Roy Van Veld, pharmacist
“My late father was a chiropractor and when my husband and I moved to Hillsborough it took us a long time to find a chiropractor we liked. Dr. Gaertner adjusts most like my Dad—a very good, thorough manual adjustment. I also am a veterinarian and an animal chiropractor and when my clients ask me who I would recommend for a human chiropractor, I do not hesitate to refer them to Dr. Gaertner.” ~Libby Engel, DVM
“I’ve been to many chiropractors and Chas is, by far, the best. Whenever I feel a migraine coming on, I go to Dr. Chas and it goes away!” ~Lauren Rivers, Creative Director, Rivers Advertising Agency
“Dr. Chas originally helped me through allergies years ago. The adjustments are the only thing that can open my chest to breathe. Since then he treated me through two pregnancies and is now teaching my children about proper posture.” ~Jennifer Falchi Simpson, Mother and Office Worker
“I always recommend Chas to people in need of chiropractic. I trust his integrity and genuine caring for people. And besides, Chas is just a fun guy.” ~Ti Harmony, Yoga Instructor
“Dr. Chas is great! He is a wholistic practitioner who takes into account your work, your lifestyle and your daily demands and provides you not only with great chiropractic adjustments, but gives you tips on how to stretch and move your body that you can easily fit in your your daily life. I used to get headaches regularly, but after just a few visits with Dr. Chas, I’m headache-free!” ~Cathy Schweiker MS, OTR/L Occupational Therapist, Physical rehabilitation
“I’ve been to six different chiropractors throughout the country, and I can honestly say that Chas is the best. His patient-centered, holistic approach to chiropractic is effective and thorough. One of the things that I like best about Dr. Chas’s practice is that there is no “medical theatre” —hierarchies of staff/medical assistants/doctor, staff wearing scrubs, a process of bureaucratic paperwork and waiting in various ante-chambers before seeing the doctor, mandatory x-rays—all things that I have encountered at other chiropractic practices. Chas is very direct and accessible, and he really respects his patients and wants us to understand what he is doing and why it is beneficial. For patients who are afraid of costs, people should know that Chas’s charge for an adjustment is THE SAME as a co-pay for an in-network visit to a specialist (if you have Blue Cross/Blue Shield through UNC). He is affordable, and his charges are completely reasonable. Not only is a visit to Chas’s office good for your back and your spine, he can give you lots of useful tips on the art and culture of living in Carrboro! He is a valuable asset to everyday living in Carrboro and Chapel Hill.” ~Emily Burrill, Assistant Professor, Curriculum in Women’s Studies, UNC Chapel Hill

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